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First-Time Home Buyer Testimonial
Claudia M.
“It was smooth sailing from start to finish and, dare I say, fun. Seriously, who would've thought getting a mortgage could be fun?”
First-Time Home Buyer
Mortgage Refinance Testimonial
Agnes S.
“I was very surprised by how quick the turnaround was. It was really quick! I will be forever grateful for all your help in reaching this special goal.”
Mortgage Refinance Testimonial
Jasmine H.
“I wanted to let you know that MortgageHippo is absolutely wonderful. We found our lender for a great rate, so I wanted to say thank you.”
First-Time Home Buyer
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MortgageHippo is the first fully automated tool designed to guide you through every step of the mortgage process to buy your dream home.
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We take privacy and security seriously, which is why we use industry-leading data security practices to make sure your personal information is always protected

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Staying organized with MortgageHippo is a breeze. All of your information is safely stored in the cloud and securely transferred to your chosen lender.

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MortgageHippo is your one-stop shop for everything mortgage-related, from figuring out your home affordability to choosing a trustworthy lender. Whether a first-time homebuyer or looking to refinance, MortgageHippo is for you.

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