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Wall of Shame: Beware of Deceptive Mortgage Advertising Practices

Deceptive mortgage advertising practices are unfortunately very common. I spend a lot of time online reading about mortgages and the mortgage industry. My email client must have picked up on this because yesterday one of the ads in my email feed read something like this: “Mortgage Rates at 2.5%.” As a mortgage professional, I knew… Read more »

Testimonial: Why One Technologist Walked Away from a Popular Mortgage Referral Site

We’ve been very critical about how mortgage referral sites love to advertise deceivingly low interest rates, see who bites, and make millions by selling your information to lenders. But what happens when you do bite? We make it a point at MortgageHippo to listen to our customers’ home buying stories, and sharing them with the MortgageHippo… Read more »

Which Mortgage Calculator Should I Use to Calculate My Monthly Mortgage Payments?

Choosing the right mortgage calculator is very important to correctly estimate your monthly mortgage payment. Unfortunately, most mortgage calculators available in search results are not very accurate and, to be blunt, pretty useless. Don’t believe me, just watch!…sorry Bruno Mars. Let’s look at an example. Katie currently rents an apartment in the city for $1,200/month…. Read more »