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  • Loan Dashboard

    NAMB and MortgageHippo have partnered to bring MortgageHippo’s Loan Dashboard to NAMB members for free.

    MortgageHippo’s Loan Dashboard is a modern, consumer-centric, point-of-sale platform that collects essential information from borrowers throughout the mortgage process and helps brokers to more efficiently manage their borrower pipeline.

    With MortgageHippo’s Loan Dashboard, brokers can focus on closing more loans and better serving customers while spending less time collecting information and tracking down borrower deliverables.

    The free Loan Dashboard includes the following:

    Borrower Portal

    A borrower-facing portal that allows borrowers and co-borrower(s) to:

    • Complete 1003 application (supports multiple applications per borrower)
    • Authorize credit pull
    • Upload supporting documents
    • Complete other mortgage-related tasks
    • Receive email and text notifications about their loan

    Lender Portal

    An LO-facing portal that allows laon officers to:

    • View and manage borrower pipeline
    • Start borrower applications and send an invite link via email to their borrowers
    • View and edit individual borrower files
    • Pull credit from one of our supported Credit Reporting Agencies

    Sign up today to get started by using the form on this page. It’s free, so what are you waiting for?

    * We will also be providing upgrade plans to NAMB members at discounted prices. More information about this coming soon.

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